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The ability for distributed technical teams to collaborate remotely in real time is a need whose time has truly come.
For product development, design, new projects, technical sales manufacturing, services the remote collaboration of such distributed teams allows the very best of the best to be brought together into teams for ideation, design and trainingwithout conideration of the geographical location of the individual.
Costly mistakes become a thing of the past, as all products, processes, systems are fully validated before they are deployed in the real world.

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The world we knew in 2019, before Covid-19, no longer exists. 
Many traditional workplaces have been replaced in one way or another with some kind of system where the majority work remotely.
How do teams function successfully in this new reality? It’s not enough to just work remotely.  Technical collaboration is critical for technical teams of any kind, from development and design through project management to ongoing maintenance. 

Every plant and manufacturing facility has been forced to make major changes. Some industries, such as oil and gas exploration and extraction have been able to transition a bit easier than indoor production and manufacturing facilities.  Most have been forced to develop ways for their personnel to work individually or even remotely.

How do plants and manufacturing facilities of all kinds function successfully in this situation? Communication and awareness of what others in the system are doing is critical.  Management, plant personnel, and maintenance teams must be able to collaborate and communicate in real-time to avoid breakdowns and even serious accidents.

And these teams must be able to collaborate in real-time, or the whole process breaks down.
Built by engineers for engineers, Nextensor offers functionally rich products that provide the means to achieve profitability, offer cost and time savings that were never previously available in the traditional engineering environment
These are truly innovative solutions developed specifically for technical teams.

Engineering & Project management

Food & Goods Producers

Equipment, Solutions and Machinery

Technical Education and Training

Project Management

remotely collaborate with solutions & services suppliers, manage costs, documentation, training & support

Engineering and Consulting

remotely teamwork & consult, evaluate & sell services, solutions & projects, assess technical knowledge

Maintenance and Service

remotely collaborate with suppliers and customers, reduce risks, manage as-built documentation

Processing and Manufacturing Facilities

collaborate remotely with engineering and maintenance providers, train and carry out operators, maintenance and automation personnel training and evaluation for:

Equipment and Solutions Manufacturers

work remotely to develop products and solutions, train personnel and customers, and support after-sales service and warranty.

Technical and Engineering Education

for colleages, high schools, universities...

Nextensor can be deployed for technical education for instruction, studying, and practical training. It makes possible to learn, gain practical skill, check project feasibility, test ideas, and more, both in a classroom setting, as well as remotely. Besides, it is now possible to collaborate and exchange ideas and knowledge with local and global partnering schools in other towns, cities, and countries.

Additionally, perspective employers can remotely assess, test, and hire future engineers. With Nextensor, not only can you check the knowledge of prospective engineers, but you can test their aptitude, as well.

Technical and Industrial Training

for industrial and operational settings...

Nextensor makes it possible to interactively train, upskill, reskill, assess, and evaluate personnel with state-of-the-art remote technical training.

This would let you create highly efficient, customized training providing more engagement through the generation creation of unique training content, using a combination of 2D and 3D instructional material.
Nextensor can be easily integrated into your existing system, letting you increase your business while complimenting your present portfolio.